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Other Babies

Ok ok, so now that I gushed about Coco, I feel that I need to spread the love to my other children.

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Coco you are devine!

Here are some pix of my new baby!

Lounging on the bed:

Pretending to be a chicken:

Hanging out (quite literally, she is in the cabinets in my bathroom):

Coco is so adorable! When I say "come Coco", she comes running from wherever she is. I don't know how long that will last, but I hope forever!


It has been almost 1 year since I last posted on LJ. No reason for my absence other than laziness. :(

In one year I have done the following:

1. Bought a new car. A 2007 Prius (June 2007).
2. Turned 26, but still say I am twenty-faux. (Sept 2007)
3. Had my cat Brodee die. :( (Feb 2008)
4. Adopted a new kitty. Named her Coco Chanel. Cheesy I know! :) (Mar 2008)
5. Got promoted at work. :) (Mar 2008)
6. Finally started watching Medium again! (Mar 2008)
7. Realized that I love LJ because I love to read about i_am_girlfriday (Apr 2008)

Funny or Die

I found a story about the following at People.com.

I think Will Ferrell is my new 4th husband.

The video is really funny and the baby is cute.

Be warned, there is swearing in the video.

The Landlord


UK Chisme

People Online is reporting that Prince William & Kate Middleton have split up. :( But I am sure all of the would be princess/queens of the UK are happy that he is on the market again. They had been together for 5 years. She reminds me of Katherine McPhee of American Idol. Any one else think so?

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Major Sadness

So at work I have been feeling increasingly depressed. I am an assistant to a higher up at work. I also dabble **please read: do all the grunt work** in our Personnel Department (PD). I used to be all in the know about what was going on at work. Who was doing well, who wasn't. Now ever since the previous head of the PD retired **please read: went into witness hiding** there is another new PD head on board. Since then I know nothing. It wouldn't be so bad, if I wasn't the person who is supposed to process final checks and complete new hire paperwork and be considered part of the PD. I get no heads up now. Just the day a check is needed I am informed. I liked being in the know. I have been replaced by another employee who is not in the PD and really shouldn't know a lot of the stuff this new person is telling her. :( Oh well. Out with the old and in with the new. At least my boss still likes me.....until I get my nose ring. I am sure I will be fired then. Unemployment here I come!

David Spade Show

I found a community about David Spade's show The Showbiz Show. I need to start recording this show. I watched like 10 clips online and I could not stop cracking up! These are 3 of my favorites. They don't have David Spade, but they have Rob Lowe in them. He is doing PSAs (Public Service Announcements). Check them out.




They are almost as funny as The Office PSAs during April Fools last year. HAHAHAHA!!

MTV is @ it again....

I just read that MTV is going to be returning to Vegas with the original cast of Real World: Vegas. I hope it is a lie. I don't like Trishelle. :(

On the plus side, The Hills is coming back this summer! I love Lauren, Aundrina, and Whitney. I could give or take Heidi. I HATE Spencer. He is so sleazy. Does anyone love The Hills?


Happy Late Easter!

I forgot to post this image from one of my celeb sites I visit on Sunday:

It is from Pink Is The New Blog. So hilarious for all those Buffy peeps out there!


Who Do You Want To Marry?

i_am_girlfriday made this meme for me when I told her that I wanted to marry a couple of my fav celebs.

1. which celeb husband do you want til death do you part?
This is a toss up. On the one hand Simon Baker seems like he would be a fantabulous husband, but on the other hand, I want to marry Jonathan Tucker for the pure fact that he is HOT! Plus I like his tone of voice. That's a new one right! Tone of Voice :)

2. which celeb husband do you want for your "starter marriage"
Jonathan Tucker.

3. which celeb husband do you want as your rebound?
Simon Baker. He seems very caring. He would totally cook for me and look so hot in my kitchen. :)

4. which celeb husband do you want to escort you to your high school reunion?
Seeley Booth! Hello, no brain-er!!!! He could totally flash his wrist tattoo.

5. which celeb husband do you want to be the father of your children?
Jonathan Tucker. He is uber cute. I think we would make cute babies!

6. which celeb will you have an adulterous affair with that will cause the break-up of marriage number 1?
Peter Dinklage. But it will make Jonathan realize that he loves me enough to stay with me. See #7.

7. which celeb husbands would you want to be in your polygamous marriage?
Jonathan Tucker, Simon Baker, Peter Dinklage, David Boreanaz, Nick Stahl, Gregory Smith, Michael Trucco, Jason Segal, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jason Lee. I feel like I am missing people!!! I need 4 more and I can have a different husband every day for 2 two weeks! :)

So come on, Who Do You Want To Marry????? Other than Ryan Banks. ;)